Sunday, May 5, 2013

Hockey Night in Maple Leaf Square

Forty years after being one of the first NHL coaches to allow female reporters into the dressing room Don Cherry reneged on that decision. Yeesh!

The story came to mind when re-visiting Le Germain Maple Leaf Square last week. I do love the stunning black and white photos of professional athletes that dominate the guestroom décor, and perhaps not surprisingly women react a bit more to the expanse of male skin and sculpted muscle; men are totally blasé - possibly because of all that locker room experience?

Speaking of "hitting the showers", Maple Leaf Square is one of five Canadian-owned and managed luxury boutique hotels under the Le Germain banner, all of which feature the chain's signature glass-walled rain-water shower. You can actually watch television while taking a shower - never missing a moment of the playoffs ;)

The hotel is ideally located (for sports fans) adjacent to the Air Canada Centre. The coveted 'Penalty Box' meeting room overlooks the giant screen which is the focus of tailgate parties with live music in the square.


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