Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Flipping Awesome!

There's a fun article in the Sports section of the The Globe and Mail today about how "elves" (as they think of themselves) convert the hockey arena that saw the Leafs lose to the Caps in Game 6 of the first playoff round to a basketball court for our still-in-the-game Raptors.

Check it out here

Thing is, hotels do this sort of thing all the time.  Sometimes it involves tearing down a trade show for one group (booths and pipe and drape and food stations) to set up a breakfast meeting (banquet rounds with linens, chairs, dishes and cutlery, and staging with podium, mic, and screens) for a completely different organisation. Sometimes a group requires a room to be "flipped" in the same day, for the same group.  

I  remember one group I worked with was using half the Regency Ballroom at the the old Four Seasons Hotel (on Avenue Road) for a team building event featuring a crazy obstacle course of over-sized blow-up tunnels and things to climb over and under.  While they were playing mock Olympics it was "all hands on deck" with employees from nearly every department in the hotel assisting with the "flip" to a gala dinner setup complete with dance floor and staging for live band.

Can't believe I found a picture of the Regency Ballroom in the *old* Four Seasons Toronto!

Go Raps!

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