Friday, June 15, 2012

"May I have your.......?"

Last week, staying up way too late to watch the season finale of Mad Men I caught the tail end of AMC’s show The Pitch. In the tense final minutes of the show, two advertising agencies were in hot competition to win the Autograph account.

The Autograph Collection of hotels is a new and unique Marriott brand – truly an “evolving ensemble” of one-of-a-kind properties – some historic and/or iconic – others new and edgy. The collection includes city hotels of all sizes and capacities, as well as large convention resorts, and exclusive retreats. Each hotel is, as one of the agencies pitches: “as unique as an autograph”.

Their creative was strikingly beautiful – but the other agency ended up winning the business with their bold, totally-outside-the-box approach – so unlike any hotel advertising I've ever seen – and soooo unlike anything Marriott has ever done.

For awhile you can see a preview of The Pitch on the Autograph hotels website:

I’m looking forward to my own first Autograph experience next week - staying at the famed Algonquin Hotel.

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