Monday, June 18, 2012

Does Size Matter?

Well, sometimes, yes – like when you’re trying to shoe-horn your meeting set-up into a space that “on paper” seemed to work, but in reality leaves your attendees feeling like sardines. Or when a small group gets lost in an oversized box of a room. It’s all about getting the right fit.

How do Toronto’s newest luxury offerings measure up?

The Ritz-Carlton Toronto
Located on Wellington - Toronto’s new “south core”. Canadian-themed F&B outlets: TOCA (TOronto CAnada) features a “Cheese Cave”, and DEQ – with its coveted outdoor space – has been a hot spot since it opened last year.
267 guestrooms
23,000 sq.ft. of meeting space
Largest meeting room: Ritz-Carlton Ballroom - 7,400 sq.ft.
2nd Largest meeting room: Wellington Ballroom - 3,053 sq.ft.

Trump Hotel Toronto
Bay Street, Baby – on the corner of Adelaide. Food & Beverage outlets stay on message: Stock Restaurant & Bar on the 31st floor (with semi-private dining space) and SUITS Lobby Lounge. Welcomed its first official guests mid-April this year with much fanfare.
261 guestrooms
Largest meeting room: Grand Ballroom – 3,744 sq.ft.
2nd Largest meeting room: Grand Salon – 3,168 sq.ft.

Four Seasons Toronto
Migrating just a few blocks from its venerable Yorkville located at Avenue Rd. and Bloor to Bay and Yorkville Ave., the *new* Four Seasons Toronto is accepting group business from October onwards. Chef Daniel Boulud will oversee the cuisine in his eponymous restaurant/café and “dbar”.
259 guestrooms
14,300 sq.ft. of meeting space
Largest meeting room: Aria – 6,776 sq.ft.
2nd Largest meeting room: Vinci – 3,249 sq.ft.

Shangri-La Hotel Toronto
The baby of the bunch - the Asian luxury chain’s second property in Canada (a sister for the lovely Shangri-La Vancouver) due to auspiciously open on August 7th.
202 guestrooms
12,000 sq, ft. of meeting space
Largest meeting room: Queen’s Park Ballroom - 3,670 sq. ft.
2nd Largest meeting room: Museum - 1,722 sq.ft.

Recent Hard Hat Tour of the Shangri-La Toronto

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